There is a climate of change sweeping through the retail industry...
...and it is having a profound impact on the way leading retailers approach energy management systems. Rapidly rising prices plus increasing complexity of energy markets are driving retailers to generate value through real-time enterprise-wide energy information and control.  Maximizing that value requires the use of open energy management solutions (OpenEMS) to establish cost-effective connections between applications and organizations throughout a retailer’s energy ecosystem.  Change is sweeping through the industry … don’t be left behind. To learn more, explore this site and visit:   


Andy McMillan, CEO, Teletrol
Retailers in many industries are facing increasing difficulties in how they manage and grow their businesses. In addition, consumers and regulators are presenting a new kind of challenge to retailers -- the green challenge.
The technologies required to deliver the power of EMS didn”t previously exist. Advances in web services technologies, XML, and EMS industry standards have given birth to intelligent energy management systems.
Industry standards such as BACnet, have helped suppliers build products and solutions that will work across different systems from different vendors. This collaboration is enabling rapid payback for EMS projects.