Technology Enablers of Open EMS

The technologies required to deliver the full potential of EMS didn’t always exist.  Legacy systems installed a decade ago lacked information management capability and were built on proprietary components that could not interface with enterprise applications.  However, over the last decade advances in IT standards and EMS industry standards have done away with the need for proprietary components and networks.  Standards like BACnet and XML are being combined with today’s networking and application integration technologies to give birth to intelligent energy management systems.

Standardization has come about through the cooperation of suppliers and industry associations across multiple technology disciplines, making broad system interoperability possible. The organizations that create and manage key standards have been very successful over the past few years. The links below provide a window on some of the enabling technologies, including:

- XML standard data representation for Internet and IT application communications
- TCP/IP and HTTP communications protocols used by web browsers and servers
- ODBC industry standard data access interface for relational databases

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