Retailers are Leading the Way

Retail has always been a challenging business where long-term success demands visionary leadership and effective management.  This has never been more true than now, as consumers and regulators present a new kind of challenge to retailers -- the green challenge. The good news is that the drive to succeed while minimizing operating costs and shrinking eco-footprints has already allowed progressive retailers to turn energy management initiatives into positive positioning and corporate profits.

The links below highlight some of the outstanding work being undertaken by leading retailers in the area of improved energy management. For example, you can learn how retailer Steinmart saved 20% on their energy costs for 260 stores within 20 months by implementing a standards-based EMS solution.

What is most impressive about efforts like these is that they result in a multitude of benefits including lower energy costs, reduced human capital requirements, and positive public perception of their brands. We think this is just the beginning. Read on to see how these projects were accomplished and the benefits they provided.
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