Support From Across the Industry

Intelligent, open energy management systems and solutions have benefited from widespread support from both government and commercial segments. The government, lead by The U.S. Department of Energy has been aggressive in defining standards for new building construction - and helping businesses from every industry lower their energy consumption. Retailer Wal-Mart has just completed "its most energy efficient retail store in the U.S," having reduced its energy usage by 45% compared to existing stores. We think this is just the beginning of a universal trend.

The savings potential is not limited to retailers.  Indeed, the benefits of intelligent energy management systems will accrue to all members of the energy ecosystem.  Product suppliers, service suppliers, aggregators, brokers, consultants and others have the opportunity to leverage intelligent energy management systems.

Regardless of where the support for intelligent, open energy management systems comes from - it just makes sense. Take a moment to browse the links below to see examples of organizations supporting intelligent multi-site energy management solutions.

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